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The Emotions Collab The Emotions Collab

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

colourful is an understatement

on a positive note, there are much poorer collabs than this submission; this collab wasn't half bad. It had a theme and you author's stuck to it - that being 'emotions'. Nice original play on such a sensitive subject- i like the non-emo point of view much better. the graphics were relatively decent & random, which is to be expected from author's heavily caffeinated with soft drink such as coke. the music was awful as well, so i gave you credit for that too. Finally, i am patiently waiting for a sequal- perhaps other emotions such as guilt, contempt and being horny. not a bad piece of work after all

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Beslow Terrorist Beslow Terrorist

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very polished work

awesome visuals (looked even good on low quality! [caus' of my slow computer!] ). I wonder what program you use for those nice graphics? Or is it just alot of time & patience spent in the making, or both even? Anyway, you executed awesome cinematic concepts and camera angles. Looked like a professional hollywood trailer abit, well done on that. The background audio also helped ur flash work heaps- helped the audience anticipate action sequences (which there was). Hope you introduce fresh new clock characters in the next installment (preferably funny ones hehe..). Maybe fix ur replay button in the next one too, but that doesn't really matter much. Looking forward to a very strong storyline in the next episode as well- great work overall

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BobblinTops responds:

thanks for the review....i used photoshop for the grass

Final Fantasy -2 Final Fantasy -2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

neat FF parody/remake !

I thoroughly enjoyed this submission of your's (although I did not take ur advice about watching the previous episode hehe.. ). Looks like a pretty long project to make to me - well, with its good length & duration and all; good job on that. The sprites you used were pretty cool; they were very appealing to me. I did notice, however, that you took abit of shortcuts & omitted sprites of characters walking upwards & downwards (if you know what I mean), but yes everyone takes shortcuts. If you had spare time, perhaps, improve on that aspect but it's alright now how it is. I thought the content was pretty original & genuinely funny, well in comparison to other FF series & sagas I've seen - keep up with the funny content! Especially the battle scenes haha @ that banish attack that owned Ifrit. Found the music pretty awesome as well, a nice variety of tracks you featured- held the atmosphere together really well. Can't wait for the sequal - do take good care & patience with the next installment... wouldn't want to ruin it! Awesome work, overall

Yoogain responds:

thanks, i think the sprites are pritty messed up, next time im thinking of trying to find not sprites or 3d characters, but like 32-bit 2D characters. hope it helps! :D

KBK - Pilot scene KBK - Pilot scene

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

slick pilot/trailer

It seems that you know what ur doing with ur visuals. I mean, as several reviewers have mentioned, you have slick graphics and smoothly refined movement. I'm jealous hehe.. But seriously, A big window of success awaits you - if you have patience. Yep. Patience to come up with an original, inventive & exciting storyline. Remember to keep all featured events consistent and purposeful. Good luck to you mister

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rererere responds:


Numa Numa Dance Numa Numa Dance

Rated 4 / 5 stars

funny visuals with awesome audio

Now I see, what the fuss is all about. hehe.. pretty funny & original stuff!! No offence, but if you weren't fat, I wouldn've found it half as funny- but you are, so you rock dude! It seems you deserve ur own collection (as i see now on NG). You flooded the portal with parody's of ur creation- and that says something, that says alot. Its just unfortunate I wasn't here to review it in its pinnacle moment, although i do believe it will stand the tests of time & be remembered ('Why ppl should NOT have webcams' hehe..). I found the subtitles useful, it was great that you created a special Newgrounds edition- showed that ya still cared about the viewing audience. Awesome song, first time i heardd it & i'm glad it was from the original. Finally, i found the pictures contributed to the overwhelming funniness that your submission conveyed- overall, good job you crazy bastard!!

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Christmas Trouser Elf Christmas Trouser Elf

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

a jolly short!

yes a very jolly (and funny) presentation lol'z.. i like yellow (the background) preloaders- they seem warm & cuddly <3 The drawings (that poor looking dead elf too :-(.. aww) & lip-syncing was on the money, good job with that. The voices of the characters seemed to match their appearances.. the Deep voice for the fat figure & high-pitched voice for the tiny elf character hehe. Overall, the content was funny haha! Nice.

MilkshakeClock Disco - 1 MilkshakeClock Disco - 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

good flash for its file size

Not a system of a down fan. But i am a fan for great flash works & aspiring author's. This flash piece is not bad. The first opening scenes was good & fresh- then it got a bit old. It was nice to add those lyrics though- couldn't understand the vocalist (must be something you get used to when listening to this genre of music). Perhaps making the visual content more relevant to the lyrics & music that was playing? But i liked the different camera angles & transitions- added depth to the presentation. Overall, nice flash for its file size

MilkshakeClock responds:

Thanks for the kind words <3

Han-Alien (TBP) Han-Alien (TBP)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

a neat short!

The file size is deceiving! hehe.. lovin' the preloader (if you can call a delayed screen one). The turn of events was pretty quick too, didn't understand why he enjoyed 'soup' -then he choked on it hahah that chewbacca is a crazy bastardd. Audio & graphics presented very well, overall. Nothin' like senseless violence in the concluding flash sequences too! Nice work mann

SFW: Sinister vs Ninja SFW: Sinister vs Ninja

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice wrestling flash mann

i liked it! Ur presentation had pretty good length & action packed sequences- it was also nice to recognise some of the moves! see, WWE isn't a complete waste of time haha. The events in the ring were pretty extreme too... thumb tacs? whoa, look out! hehe- keep that up. The intro. was well presented too; got viewers (me) involved with what was going on. Simple graphics, but had a very entertaining turn of events indeed. Improvements? Well if a wrestler is gonna' be called Ninja, perhaps make him mimic the stealthy reflexes of a ninja? or maybe look like one even. Make funny/inventive characters in the sequal- looking forward 2 it.

Fuck-You responds:

Actually, I have an entire site with 17 matches I've already made. I stopped about a year ago, now Im starting again. Check out my site for upcoming matches!

Controller Issues Controller Issues

Rated 4 / 5 stars

funny sprite work

i liked the idea behind ur presentation- it was very comical indeed! haha.. good use with the sprite animations & sound effects; pretty smooth overall. But the content you featured was original & golden! That Mario sprite had a real nice attitude- well, i guess you'd have a temper too if a moron of a nintendo player was controlling you too! hehe. Make more of this stuff - but maybe with a fresh idea that's equally funny as this. Good luck in ur future projects dude