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The Emotions Collab The Emotions Collab

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

colourful is an understatement

on a positive note, there are much poorer collabs than this submission; this collab wasn't half bad. It had a theme and you author's stuck to it - that being 'emotions'. Nice original play on such a sensitive subject- i like the non-emo point of view much better. the graphics were relatively decent & random, which is to be expected from author's heavily caffeinated with soft drink such as coke. the music was awful as well, so i gave you credit for that too. Finally, i am patiently waiting for a sequal- perhaps other emotions such as guilt, contempt and being horny. not a bad piece of work after all

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Beslow Terrorist Beslow Terrorist

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very polished work

awesome visuals (looked even good on low quality! [caus' of my slow computer!] ). I wonder what program you use for those nice graphics? Or is it just alot of time & patience spent in the making, or both even? Anyway, you executed awesome cinematic concepts and camera angles. Looked like a professional hollywood trailer abit, well done on that. The background audio also helped ur flash work heaps- helped the audience anticipate action sequences (which there was). Hope you introduce fresh new clock characters in the next installment (preferably funny ones hehe..). Maybe fix ur replay button in the next one too, but that doesn't really matter much. Looking forward to a very strong storyline in the next episode as well- great work overall

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BobblinTops responds:

thanks for the review....i used photoshop for the grass

Final Fantasy -2 Final Fantasy -2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

neat FF parody/remake !

I thoroughly enjoyed this submission of your's (although I did not take ur advice about watching the previous episode hehe.. ). Looks like a pretty long project to make to me - well, with its good length & duration and all; good job on that. The sprites you used were pretty cool; they were very appealing to me. I did notice, however, that you took abit of shortcuts & omitted sprites of characters walking upwards & downwards (if you know what I mean), but yes everyone takes shortcuts. If you had spare time, perhaps, improve on that aspect but it's alright now how it is. I thought the content was pretty original & genuinely funny, well in comparison to other FF series & sagas I've seen - keep up with the funny content! Especially the battle scenes haha @ that banish attack that owned Ifrit. Found the music pretty awesome as well, a nice variety of tracks you featured- held the atmosphere together really well. Can't wait for the sequal - do take good care & patience with the next installment... wouldn't want to ruin it! Awesome work, overall

Yoogain responds:

thanks, i think the sprites are pritty messed up, next time im thinking of trying to find not sprites or 3d characters, but like 32-bit 2D characters. hope it helps! :D

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WWEi - Raw Edition WWEi - Raw Edition

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

the sound is AWESOME!!1 :-)

At first, the file size looked questionably large.. but it was fair, considering all that awesome audio you atempted to compress. Yep- the audio was awesome!!!1 haha Jerry Lawler's voice was the besssst... plz make michael cole's voice jusst as funny in the smackdown installment. And please continue to make the audio (intentionally) 'below par'. Seriously, it makes this submission hilarious. I also liked the introductory scenes you presented- looked very neat & tidy. I didn't mind the graphics all that much- on the contrary, they were done pretty well to me. Simplicity does the trick really.. don't waste too much time on the visuals though; because ur submission has really got something going for it in content-wise & overall funny style & presentation. I think you did the right thing here... breaking it up into 3 scenes. The duration was good- plus, you were able to replay this interactive game which makes gameplay twice as long at the least. People don't realise that longer flash presentations increase flash development time three-fold, although i have little experience in this field though. Great project- Good luck for the efforts you invest in Smackdown!

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MessiaH responds:

Thanks for the support, and you're the first person who considers the sound the best part!

Editing the NG Preloader Editing the NG Preloader

Rated 3 / 5 stars

on the contrary, could be useful!

likin' the simple interface in ur submission- preloader graphic was pretty appealing too; good stuff! What font is that? it's neat as well. The repeatative loop didn't bother me at all- which surprised me hehe! Could have used this tutorial before my first submission :-( Sure, i could have found out through trial & error but yeh, that consumes a fair bit of time as well (and most people aren't bothered if you have a life outside the internet). There's not really any improvements you could've done- looks alright the way it is. It's a shame to see this tutorial was ur first submission; anyway it would be good to see you follow up with a flash creation and storyline of ur own. good job

Make-A-Freak Make-A-Freak

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

an eerie dress-up

The audio was the first thing (heard) in this submission that contributed to an atmosphere of eerieness & 'freakyness'. Nice job with the introductory screen- that picture looks pretty mean! hehe.. Also thought that the credits menu was also done pretty well- it looked very neat! The available options were versatile & oozed with artistic features & details. Interactivity should last for a while, but a good flash project for a 'dress-up genre'